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Provider was white late 20s-mid 30's. Fairly attractive face, nice gams, but obese upper body.

United States

CBJ finished with FS. Lindee, I noticed that you are hitting all of the boards. I am waiting to see a review of your service from a senior member. Lindee, I noticed that you now have a pic of Dee on your CL post. Are we to assume that you now have her as one of your staff?

I have seen Dee and she is a real nice lady. Had many nice dreams about her. Yes she does take appts and a very sexy and sweet lady.

Singles near South carolina

I would love to get some reviews so hopefully my new pics I put up on my site will entice you. I have only a few ladies right now, but Id rather have quality than quanity.

Enjoy some eye candy guys! I am friends with some very well reviewed ladies so im legit! Hi again!

Singles near South carolina

Tried to setup an appointment with Dee today,,,our schedules would not work out for today Yes Dee is working for the new agency. I will be taking credit cards as of next week.

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Kisses, Lindee. Or a pic of some part of your body besides your legs!

My body parts dont matter lol. The girls do have pics up though. Met Dee for lunch today. Ate a little and took a nap and I had some wonderful dreams.

Singles near South carolina

I dreamed that she was my girlfriend. We had a short discussion on Lindee. Yes, Dee will take appointments via Lindee.

Singles near South carolina

Thanks SR! The total package, I am interviewing girls and its hard to find good gals like Dee. Christie is a good gal as is Stephanie. I have had great feedback as well as repeat friends!

South Carolina escorts classified

I will try and make a difference here in Charleston. Hope to meet some of you guys soon!

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Rangerrick, You need to read the rules about posting s and web sites. Removed thebut I see links in this thread.

Best places to meet up in Charleston

She does her own thing also. But I do have more access to the internet than she does, and I help her screen etc.

So if you have a hard time reaching her. I know this.

Who is this girl? Lindee, I'm very interested in meeting Tiff when I'm back down that way I will definitely be in touch on Dixie board Love your pics of her ZThanks babe! I have some lovelies on the site and hopefully more to come!

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Call or anytime! My compliments to LL and girls, was in Charleston this week and made an appointment. My first choice was not yet available but Lindee sent Steph out to meet me.

Singles near South carolina

She was on time,cute and we spent a most enjoyable time! I look forward to my next trip to Charleston and time spent with LL's girls.

They are first rate! Lindee, let me know when my first choice becomes available and I will plan a trip back asap.

Singles near South carolina

Hi hun! Thanks so much for the compliment! I will be getting more ladies soon, so hang tight and hope to see you again soon: Kisses, Lindee.

Singles near South carolina

I talked to Dee today, she is a independent first but does take some appointments from you. Went to see Miranda today; she was pleasantly companionable.

Singles near South carolina

She is pretty much as advertised, and I thought her directness was nice. I also appreciated the fact that she had good hygiene.

I am still looking however, for a fun experience. Smackdaddy Stella is a real nice person. I highly recommend her.

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I like slender women and she falls nicely ino this category. Treat her nice and you will be quite pleased.

Singles near South carolina

Anybody know how to reach a beautiful blonde named Nicole? Do you have an updated link to your site?

Singles near South carolina

I am doing my research now for a few ladies while I am in town this month. I saw this little spinner the other night.

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What a sweet ass. Man o man, it was so well worth it.

Singles near South carolina

I can't wait to tap that three of fifty more times. I truely recommend this one.

Singles near South carolina

I want to know if Stephanie is still around and will still see a few good men? Stephanie Wannarideher.

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Anyone have any first hand info? Thanks and Wet Dreams, PW. If you saw her in the past she will see you.

Singles near South carolina

If not don't even try. She was highly selective back in the day and now is uber selective. But I'll ask her next week anyway. Where would one find this Lindsey, vajayjay?

Singles near South carolina

EJCheck her out thru charleston vixxens. ZIP:

Singles near South carolina

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