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The album became a platinum album and the single charted in the top ten on both the country and the pop charts for Billboard, one of the first to cross over. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis kept Donna from continuing with the show but she went on to produce six more albums and publish several inspirational books.

Local Sluts near North Dakota, USA

One of the artifacts is her copy of the reation letter she typed to the principal of Northview High School in Covina, California, in June She kept her stage name separate. She wisely pointed out that no one can always be happy.

Local Sluts near North Dakota, USA

When she passed away inafter nearly 80 years of marriage and with 78 living descendants, she was considered by many to be a pillar of the community. I feel certain that she made a great deal of difference in the lives of a great many people but the story that is told of this lady in the museum dates from a Sunday morning from the mids.

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It was an unlikely career for a shy girl from Slate Mountain just east of Mount Airy. The youngest of four children born to Ramey and Ada Hendricks Vaughn, she had older siblings who pushed her to shine — especially her brother Gayle. She was also the president of her class, the lead of the cheerleading squad, a member of the glee club, Miss Mount Airy High School her sophomore year and homecoming queen her junior year. She met her future husband, Stan Silver, while visiting her brother in California.

Silver was in the music industry, taught her to play guitar and coached her on songwriting and became another force of encouragement in her career.

From to she released 15 original albums and dozens of singles with 18 charting in the top 10 and seven hitting 1. She toured for the USO, performed at the famed Carnegie Hall, and had her own variety television show. Her birthday was Nov. Kate Rauhauser-Smith is the visitor services manager for the Mount Airy Museum of Regional History with 22 years in journalism before ing the museum staff.

Local Sluts near North Dakota, USA

She and her family moved to Mount Airy in from Pennsylvania where she was also involved with museums and history tours. With cooler temperatures and colorful leaves, fall officially arrived on Sept. For farmers, fall is one of the most important times of the year — harvest time. Food was gathered, preserved, and stored to last through the winter.

Harvests were a time for rural communities to come together and help one another with the work to be done.

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Afterwards, since community members were already gathered in one place, food, dance, music, and friendly competitions were had. Today, for many people, fall means all things pumpkin, festivals, and a visit to the local county fair.

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The fairs that we know today differ from those of yesteryear, but one thing remains the same: agriculture. Fairs began in the United States in the early s and were usually held in August, September, or October.

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People sold products for home and farm, but fresh, hot food was a main draw. Entertainment consisted of music, races, rides, and sideshows. However, education was the prime goal of fairs which included agricultural history as well as introductions to new technology for the public and farmers alike. Community fair exhibits often fed into the county fair and were a t effort between community and county officials.

The White Plains Community Fair of is one such example.

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Locals were encouraged to enter exhibits into the White Plains Community Fair and then take it to the county fair, all in order to have the best fair year for Surry County. The Virginia-Carolina Fairgrounds, also called the Mount Airy Fairgrounds, held an annual county fair since the early s.

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Sincethe Surry County Agricultural Fair has been held there and continues to do so. Inattendance to the Mount Airy Fair was high and people came from Surry and its ading counties in North Carolina and Virginia. Tensions were high as the second World War raged in Europe and the United States had yet to the fight outright until December of that year.

The county fair served as a welcome momentary distraction and source of merriment. War disrupts all aspects of life.

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Many fairs were cancelled due to lack of manpower and allocating all resources to supporting the war effort. However, when possible, fairs were held to keep a sense of normalcy and boost morale.

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An educated spider who writes in his web as he weaves it has been amazing the townspeople here for the past few days by producing legible writing. The spider was discovered at the home of Roy L. The web was viewed by many interested persons Tuesday but the intelligent spider was not satisfied and tore it down during the night to replace it today.

Sat. Oct 30

Construction is still going on at last reports. The North Carolina State Fair began in and is in its th year. However, the fair has been cancelled multiple times: from to due to the Civil War and Reconstruction, in due to World War 1 and influenza, and from to due to World War II. The year marked the year anniversary, but due to the cancellations, the Fair was only on its 86th edition that year. The State Fair began last week in Raleigh, and runs Oct. Make sure to support your local county fairs and keep the rich traditions and innovation of agriculture alive.

A cool, clear night in Mount Airy was split by the discordant clang of the fire bell. A dozen men leapt from their beds. They were ed by the first unit and the fire was extinguished in short order with only one injury.

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That night, April 5,was the first fire alarm answered by the newly formed Mount Airy Hose Company. We are.

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Three cheers for the fire boys! The appreciation was real.

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Fire was a constant demon in a world where flame was part of the everyday life. The shed sat just a few dozen feet from stacks of lumber at the Banner Manufacturing yard. Those, in turn, sat next to businesses, homes, and acres of lumber stacked around four of the most vital businesses in the region; the furniture factories.

The water mains, filled by gravity pressure and pumps from a well and tower on Lebanon Hill to the west of North Main Street, were a new and important tool in their kit. That kit was important to the whole region. Fires and fire deaths were far too common.

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The local economy took a body blow whenever businesses were lost. Home fires, where victims were often children, were so much worse. The company added hand-drawn and later horse-drawn hose reels that drew water from hydrants, wells, and creeks when possible.

It carried a 1,gallon tank powered by the engine.

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He was working up to a request and he knew it was a big one. He wanted the board to authorize the purchase of a second fire truck, something many argued was an unnecessary extravagance. While she sat on a rail car waiting to be unloaded a major business block burned to the ground. But later that year another business block was saved with the increased fire fighting capacity she brought.

Begun on October 8th it burned well into the 9th, claimed hundreds of lives and thousands of homes and businesses. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated firefighters across this region.

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They teach us and our children how to escape a fire. They train to be prepared in case of emergency in the hopes none of us ever have to use that knowledge. Perhaps the best way we can thank them is to make sure we have smoke detectors with good batteries. By Kate Rauhauser-Smith is a local freelance writer, researcher, and genealogist.

Local Sluts near North Dakota, USA

At the time she wrote this column inshe was the visitor services manager for the museum. Around Sept.

Fri. Oct 29

These untrained and under-armed men were about to reignite the Revolution in North and South Carolina. With limited resources on the warpath, many patriots were in extreme hunger once they reached the new state. On Oct. Using a combination of stealth, natural undergrowth, and tree line the Overmountain men were able to remain unseen until the right time.

The battle ensued with 28 Americans and British killed.

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Both sides depicted the battle as gruesome and horrible. Ferguson realized he was beaten. ZIP: 58102 58104 58103 58105 58106 58107 58108 58109 58121 58122 58124 58125 58126

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