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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. Posts: Personally when I am going to an incall appointment, I look at google maps and park my car in an adjacent parking lot. I don't mind a short walk to make sure my car is safe and no one I know, spots my car at an unmentionables place of business. Reply With Quote. Look all this phone talk stuff, burner phones all that. You do what you think is safest.

Personals in New Jersey

Me personally don't think LE is going to take the time or energy t get all legal stuff necessary to trace you're phone or it's movement. My opinion. But one safety tip I can offer is leave it in the car. Which brings me to my point. When you get out of the car, close and lock the door manually. They can clone your key fob and get into you're car where you're jewelry money and other valuables are kept. I leave my wallet, extra cash, phone and all jewelry in the car when I go in anywhere.

Risk Have been watching this debate on risk and had a thought: What one outfit benefits if mongers take risks are easily found? Can we agree to disagree on this? You seem open to mongering on your regular phone with GV layered on it, avoiding burners and other measures I believe are safety issues. Hey that is fine, there are many dudes with their naked azzes on video tape in the FBI's possession that ignored safety measures and warnings on these thre. Seems like there must be a few who have not learned the basics of Burner use and hobbying?

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As I have been pounding the table of recent, risk management is everyone's choice. Ignoring it or arguing against it is in my estimation foolish.

Personals in New Jersey

Some basic comments on Burners as it relates to their use and staying safe. Apparently new information to some: 1 How does anyone triangulate your location if the battery is pulled from your burner phone?

They can't. Not usually.

Personals in New Jersey

More warrants needed, more expense, more time. So one is free to continue to argue against basic safety issues and risk management techniques. That is your prerogative. I have been around this hobby and these boards for MANY moons and watched many with more tech savvy and more precautions in place get taken down one way or another.

Personals in New Jersey

I'm not interested I debating this further, you have your view, I'll have mine. Clearly we don't agree and further debate is fruitless.


Good luck with your "techniques! No one is forcing you to be safe. In general too many people are foolish in life on a wide variety of things.

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Some learn and improve while others continue to ignore what's there. Within reason, it's wise to reduce risk. Burner phones only work when both parties dump the phone after they're used and both parties NEVER sharing the used with anyone. If the authorities have the cell they can get all the information about that phone.

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Which cell towers it connected to which can triangulate it's exact location, when it was used, what s called to it and what s they called. For a burner phone to really work both the client and provider would have to destroy the phone and SIM card after it was used and both NEVER share the s that were used.

Personals in New Jersey

A burner phone can provide protection from non-authorities knowing your business, like a spouse or girlfriend. Because a client is contacting unknown individuals providers? How one communicates, questions they ask, etc. Can provide some protection against authorities. I think too many dudes do not put enough thought into the hobby, even LT experienced mongers.

But hey everyone is welcome to down play the risk management aspects of hobbying or ignore common sense items. Would love to learn some of the techniques one could use to truly be stealthy and how those techniques could be applied to the hobby. Who says your GV has to use a real name? You're only forwarding your GV calls to another phonewhich can be done temporarily.

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You don't have to forward your GV to a. I have several GV that don't forward to any phone. I can't use those GV to make or receive calls but I can however use them on the Google hangouts app or web portal to send and receive txt messages. Though if you're worried about being tracked then don't use the web portal from your home internet since your IP, internet provider, etc.

Will be recorded by Google. I think people overthink this hobby. Authorities aren't going to chase down clients and take them to court based on their txt messages and calls. They might try to do that if drugs or underage girls are involved which is an entirely different issue.

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Authorities can track where a call was made even on a burner phone. So if they really wanted to they can find you.

Personals in New Jersey

Likewise you wouldn't be able to turn on your burner phone while at home either. If big brother really wanted to find you, they can.

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In order to truly be stealthy one would have to go way beyond using burner phones. I will reiterate that in my opinion, having GV on a phone registered in your real name is a very bad idea! Doesn't look like that is what is suggested, just wanted to clarify the discussion.

Personals in New Jersey

There's no need to dump your GV. You can stop forwarding calls to your cell and uninstall the hangout app when your not in hobby mode. You won't receive any txt msgs or calls when you do that. However you can to you GV to see txt msgs that weren't sent to your phone.

The problem with a burner phone is that you need it on you to use. Say your out of town and you want to hobby but the burner phone is at home.

Personals in New Jersey

You'd have to buy a new phone and plan to hobby. If you had the other SIM card you could just swap it on your current phone. The easiest and cheapest way is to just use a GV and stop the forwarding and uninstall the hangout app when you're not in hobby mode. Free typically always wins. I don't own an unlocked phone with dual SIM slots.

This is useful for those that do international travel. Like another poster noted GV on your regular phone can be a problem. Something else I learned about GV, you can link one real to an .

Personals in New Jersey

If you have to dump that GV you can not up again with the same realthe real is burned. I wouldn't be able to keep SIM cards straight or which one I was on or had on. I like that the burner is different from regular phone and thus clear to me what it is. Helps me keep two worlds separate.

But that is me.

Personals in New Jersey

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