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Reasonable regulation of school attire supports important educational interests. NFA has established standards of acceptable dress to create an appropriate, serious environment for learning that prepares students for future roles in the professional workplace and adult world. Clothing or uniforms required by curriculum athletic clothes for Physical Education, etc.

If a student cannot or will not at any time change into acceptable clothing, the administration may modify the consequences, including but not limited to, immediate placement in In-School Suspension. Multiple violations may result in a parent conference.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Personal phone calls may be made only in an office. Electronic devices may not be used during an emergency situation including drills or in the locker room areas.

A student not adhering to these guidelines will be referred to the appropriate Dean and subject to the progressive disciplinary consequences. NFA reserves the right, however, to deal with each specific violation in whatever manner it deems necessary and appropriate. Electronic devices are subject to a reasonable search if there is a suspicion that the device contains evidence of a violation of school policy or law.

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Students who repeatedly violate the electronic device guidelines may be referred for insubordination which can result in suspension. Behavior on social media is an extension of behavior in person. The same guidelines which apply to face-to-face or verbal behavior also apply to social media. The use of social media to distribute, display, or share unauthorized images, video, or audio that hurts another person or persons at school or disrupts the learning environment in any way Is subject to disciplinary consequences.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Remember, social media is the tool; you are the user. Do not post any content language or images on any social media platform which you would not like to see appear on the front of a newspaper or to be repeated publicly in an adult forum.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Remember, the Internet Is permanent. Deleting does not mean that your words or images have disappeared forever and cannot be discovered. NFA is a smoke-free campus.

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These rules also apply to all forms of tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and vaping devices. Consistent with CT G. A parent or guardian must come to the campus to reclaim the items. The student will be subject to disciplinary action as described in the disciplinary structure.

For more information about this, please refer to NFA Policy In accordance with C. Dangerous instruments or objects which can be used to cause injury to others but not legally defined as dangerous or deadly weapons, including but not limited to small knives, chemical sprays, etc.

NFA uses technology as one way of enhancing the mission of teaching the skills, knowledge, and behaviors students will need as successful and responsible adults.

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Students are responsible for proper care of equipment and software. I will us e the computer hardware, software and electronic devices only for authorized educational purposes. I will use only files ased for use by the instructor or documents I have created. I will print only material relevant to my asments.

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I will log on to my ased technology equipment only under my NFA student. I will not attempt to bypass this secured environment by any means including the use of proxy servers. I will maintain the integrity of the hardware configuration of the computers on the network by not modifying the physical linkage of the computer disconnecting wires, cables, or disassembling any parts of the computer.

I will access the Internet only with the permission and direct supervision of the instructor.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

I will connect only to places on the Internet about subject matter specifically related to asments. I will respect and uphold copyright laws — this prohibits installing copied or und software. I will not install or remove hardware except for USB drivessoftware, or software documentation from the computer.

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This includes installing software to my ased network storage areas. I will not modify, tamper with, or delete any program or system files.

Norwich Connecticut escort classified

I will not deliberately access inappropriate materials or show others how to do the same. I will notify my instructor immediately of any inappropriate sites accidentally accessed.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

I will use computing devices for entertainment purposes e. Chromebooks must be treated with care and good digital citizenship. Do not:.

Students must remain on campus from the time they arrive at school in the morning until dismissal time. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in an asment to Saturday Detention 9 a. The Italian Heritage Monument 7 a. Students are not allowed to climb over a fence to exit campus.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Students are not allowed to arrive on campus before a. At the close of each school day, all NFA students are to leave school property unless they have business at school. School business includes extra help from a teacher or participation in an after-school activity e.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Students attending NFA alternative programs are not allowed on campus before p. Students awaiting rides home after school should instruct drivers to pick them up behind the library.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Students awaiting rides home after dark are asked to wait in the front lobby of the Tirrell building and should instruct drivers to park within the traffic circle for pick-up. Non-students of school age are allowed on campus only when they are attending a specific after-school activity they are entitled to attend or when they have written permission from school authorities. During after-school athletic events or any school-sponsored events, only student participants are allowed in the locker room areas. Any student who has been suspended will not be allowed on campus after school.

Students on suspension lose their social privileges during the period of their suspension. When asked to leave campus by security or anyone in authority, students must leave or be subject to disciplinary action and possible arrest.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Students found in the following areas are subject to discipline:. NFA takes every effort to provide a safe and secure campus environment for everyone. Most measures to achieve this goal are collaborative among students, their families, their communities and faculty, staff and administration.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

They monitor and record images only. Cameras are, and will not be, placed in any areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as locker rooms or bathrooms. Because of the traffic congestion on campus at the close of school each day, and for efficient and safer dismissal of students, the following rules regulating vehicular traffic are in effect:. For the safety of all campus pedestrians, students are not to ride bicycles, motorbikes, skateboards, scooters and in-line skates on campus at any time.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Why NFA? You may also the attendance office at attendance nfaschool. A student who arrives late to school must be recorded in the attendance office before 11 am, or the student will fall under the guidelines for students who are absent all day.

In extenuating circumstances, the administration has the discretion to override this policy. To receive credit for a course, students must earn a passing grade. The following guidelines will also apply:. Unexcused Class Absences Unauthorized absences from class are prohibited. All cuts class, study hall, and detention negatively impact an attendance appeal.

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Action Minimum Consequence. Unexcused absence class or study hall Administrative Detention.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Unexcused absence during lunch or last period Extended Detention. Leaving campus during school hours without permission Saturday Detention. If a student is detained or required to be out of class for a part of the class period, the student must present a pass upon arrival to class.

Class time missed because of tardiness, especially during 1st period, may count as an absence from class and will count toward the total of class absences in a semester.

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An unexcused tardy of more than 10 minutes Is an unexcused class absence and may be subject to disciplinary consequences. When students are tardy to school, they must report directly to their Attendance Office.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

Students who fail to do so may be ased a Saturday Detention. Tardies to school as a result of properly documented medical, court or pre-approved appointments will not count as class absences. Class time missed because of tardiness to school may count as an absence from class, may count toward the total of class absences, that can result in loss of credit pursuant to the attendance policy.

Seniors and Uppers, scheduled for a 1st-period study hall, and who qualify for late arrival, may report to school at the end of their study hall period without penalty.

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However, students must report to the office in the building where their 1st period class is located in order to in before the conclusion of the first period. The request for early dismissal from school must include the date, time, reason for the dismissal, and a parental telephone for verification.

Parents or guardians picking up a student early will be required to show identification. All other classes missed as a result of early dismissal from school will count toward the total of class absences. Before applying to colleges, seniors and uppers are encouraged to visit the campus of any college they are interested in attending.

Personals near Connecticut, USA

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