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Sat. Oct 30

I am very intelligent. Deffinately the best BBBJ ever! Before claiming the above, please learn how to spell 'definitely'.

CT escort classified

Nice lips. I'm not sure how to post pics.

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But that one is of me in the craigslist ad. I am intelligent lol but my spelling and typing sucks!! If you talked to me in person or over the phone you would see. Where were you from?

Usually I can drive anywhere just right now my brakes are messed up they get fixed next week, then the farther distances are ok for me. Um yeah you dont need to take one for the team. That's a pretty rude way of putting it.

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I may not be THE hottest chick in the world but let me tell you what i deff can do the best bbj ever That is not a lie and I am just as good in bed. I am very classy and clean and will not post on here again, I dont want people rating me on how I look that's not why I do what I do. I do what I do because I love sex and I love pleasing others.

I state very plainly that I am a bbw and if that is not what you think is hot then why pay for it? Other people do think I am hot. I think I am hot.

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I would now feel uncomfortable meeting any of you thinking OMG I have to put on a huge show or they are gonna blast me. If I had never read these then i would've felt fine and performed my best as always, but now I would be too nervous. I don't want someone to feel as if they have to take one for the team. Thats retarded let someone who really like's bbw have fun with me and then review me. Hope you all have a good night. Spring for a no-tel near her location, that's what I'd do. Is she the same one in the CL ad?

Do not be offended.

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We still as of yet are unsure of you. No one cares if yo uare perfect for them unless they are employing you. TOFTT also means to see if yo uare what you say you are. Not a cop not a psyco, not a liar and good at what you claim.

TOFTT is why we all talk. We do not 20 guys to loose out due to misinformation. This way is you aren't who you say you are only one of us is scammed.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

You know "The good of the many outweighs the good of the one" Who said that. If you know Crazy I will add bonus points to your score. As to the best bj ever Steel Blue.

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It's standard. A word of advice from an old pro me. You'd better develop a thicker skin if you're going to advertise in here. Your skin is going to have to be twice as thick if you're going to try to make it in this profession.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

Your rates are more than competitive and those lips of yours alone get my schlong twitching. If you get reviewed on this site, the review will be an honest one. We're all in this together, customers and providers alike. If you've looked at my posts, you'll see that I'm married to a working girl.

Few are as attuned to a providers psyche as I am. My wife is one tough broad when she's working; you need to adapt quickly or you'll soon be working the register at Wal-Mart.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

We don't want that do we? It is an idiomatic expression for the hobby.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

It's the equivalent of a film screening for the academy. You can't get the academy award without one. Also, you can very quickly develop a lucrative clientele of people who not only can afford the hobby, but are of the most valuable demographic.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

But, of course, you could take the chance with the world and get a psychopath, an STD-infected IV drug user, a pimp looking to own you, or an LEO looking to put you away. Go put your ad elsewhere an see For a sex professional, you strike me as a little clueless to the profession. So much so that you have me doubting your seriousness.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

How did you find out about this board? Did you do your homework? One good review from any of the heavy hitters here ie. Lighten up and understand the culture that you are purportedly a part of. I just started like two weeks ago.

I found this board through someone on CL who saw I was getting frustrated by always getting flagged.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

I'm sorry I took it so personally I wasn't sure that is how it was meant. And I do need to get a thicker skin I just am still a newbie.

Local Sluts in Connecticut

Promoting this site and all Garthey you push me to the point of jelousey not only with your luck with the ladies but also with the way you so eloquently state your point. It usually is exactly what I was trying to say. With good spelling too!

Local Sluts in Connecticut

Live and learn sweetheart, that is basically the motto of this site - no hard feelings from any of us I'm sure. We're all glad for the company. So, where are you located in general so we all know what is too far away until you get your brakes fixed? Your lips have a few schlongs in here twitching Hey haven't posted in awhile.

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But just letting you all know I'm setting up appointments all weekend. Have a good one ya'll. Hello, No response from PM or to aol address. Are you there? Hi guys! Read about my review under Waterbury.


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