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Once a traffic citation is written, the Torrance Police Department no longer has any jurisdiction over the citation and only a court of law may dismiss it. If you are calling on a cell phone while following the reckless driver, try to stay on the line.

This will allow the dispatchers to update responding units to the violator's location and direction of travel. Never compromise your own safety or violate the laws and rules of driving that apply to you as well as everyone else on the road.

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Any person involved in a traffic collision, that meets the criteria, can go to their local police station to make a report. The report should be made as soon as possible. The person reporting the collision needs to bring along the following information:.

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You must follow the vehicle in front of you a distance that allows you to stop, no matter how quickly that vehicle stops. The three 3 second rule will allow you to easily judge this distance. The three second rule indicates that if you see the vehicle in front of you pass a object i.

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In excess of the posted speed limit, or driving at any speed that is unsafe, based on the conditions present rain, fog and other conditions may dictate that even the posted speed is not safe. A driver may not negotiate a left turn when another vehicle is approaching head on, that is so close as to be a hazard. When a driver is arrested for driving under the influence, officers complete a cost recovery form.

The form is forwarded to the Traffic Office where office personnel compile the fees which are based on the amount of time officers were required to spend on the investigation. The driver is then billed for this amount.

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Remember to check out the M. Fix-it tickets can be ed off at the Torrance Police Department, Civic Center Drive, between the hours of a. We will gladly inspect the vehicle and, if the problem has been corrected, we will off on the back of the citation.

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The citation may be ed off by any police officer in California. It does not require the inspection be done by the issuing agency.

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This fee is in addition to any fees due to the court or processing agency. The windshield and front driver's side and passenger's side windows cannot receive any aftermarket tinting. If the rear window of a vehicle is tinted, the vehicle must have outside rearview mirrors on both sides.

The law prohibits any person from driving any motor vehicle with any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied upon the windshield or side or rear windows, with certain limited exceptions. However, legislation ed into law effective Jan. If, as, or when this material becomes torn, bubbled or otherwise worn, it must be removed or replaced. Each day that such business is so carried on shall constitute a separate violation of this Division.

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When such certificate has been issued to any person, other than an individual, the individual agents and solicitors for such person shall not be required to obtain individual certificates, but shall be required to have and keep with them and available for inspection a true and legible copy of the original certificate issued to the person on behalf of whom or which the solicitation is being done. Many times people who have been arrested allege that they are not guilty of the charge.

The validity of the arrest and the guilt or innocence of the person must be determined by a court of law, not the Police Department.

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Only the court is empowered by law to adjudicate such matters. The court proceeding provides an impartial forum where both sides of the case can be heard and the truth determined. Under California Civil Code Section Additionally, under California Penal Code Section The Personnel Division is responsible for the coordination of all investigations into allegations of misconduct by a member of the Torrance Police Department.

A misconduct investigation requires that the ased investigator talk to you. The investigator's role is that of a "fact finder" and in such capacity he or she will talk with all known or available witnesses, as well as other involved parties including Department employees.

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The ased investigator does not determine guilt or innocence, nor do they recommend any punishment. The investigator is solely responsible for completion of a report concerning the investigation. The Police Department tries to respond to misconduct investigations as rapidly as possible.

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However, this investigative effort can sometimes be very time-consuming and involved. It is important that all the relevant and obtainable facts are known.

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You may check on the status of a particular investigation by contacting the Personnel Division at After the investigation has been completed, it is submitted for administrative review. The final reviewer is the Chief of Police who determines the appropriate action to be taken. You will, in all cases, be notified in writing concerning the of the investigation.

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Currently, free Tax Assistance for Seniors is being offered at this location. Assistance is available Monday - Friday from 9 a. No appointment is necessary.

Walk-ins are welcome. For more information, please call: or The Center serves as a field police officer "satellite station" for officers only.

Torrance California CA escort classified

No services are offered at this location. There is no established format for the written letter complaint, but you need to write down the important facts.

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It would also be helpful to list all known witnesses, their names and addresses. It is important that the follow-up investigator contact you. Therefore, please include your return mailing address, a contact telephoneand your hours of availability.

Any individual who is directly involved in or witnesses an incident in which he or she believes a member of the Torrance Police Department has acted in a manner, which, if true, would be classified as misconduct, should bring the matter to the attention of the Department by calling the on-duty Watch Commander at When you come in, please inform the desk officer that you wish to speak to the on-duty Watch Commander regarding a complaint against a member of the Torrance Police Department.

It is important that you request to speak with the Watch Commander rather than give details to the desk officer.

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The desk officer has no involvement in the complaint process. Torrance has one of the lowest crime rates of any city in Los Angeles County, however visitors should not leave their common sense at home. Lock your car doors, and secure your hotel room when you are not there.

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There are some general guidelines about what constitutes gambling and what is prohibited under State law. Please refer to the following links to attain additional answers to your questions.

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You may also contact the Department Intelligence Officer during normal business hours at First of all, insure the neighborhood is within the city limits of Torrance. You may consider contacting a realtor who specializes in people newly moving to the area and discuss any special needs, economic ranges, etc.

If you have questions, our Police-Community Affairs Crime Prevention Officers can respond to your questions based on firsthand information at Jump to sub Police How can I find out if someone is in the Torrance jail? Contact our jail at How can I get my property that was taken for safekeeping? You must bring proof of identification to the Property Room to have your items released.

How do I contest a parking citation? Call the Traffic Division atMonday-Friday, a. You will find instructions on the back of parking citations that will assist you in filing a response if you feel you were wrongly cited. How do I contest a traffic citation?

On the face of the citation you will find the address of the traffic court, as well as the date and time you are scheduled to appear. How do I get property that was evidence from a court case?

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The detective handling your case or the court must release all evidence. You may contact the Property Room to find out if the evidence is clear for release or contact the handling detective with inquiries about your case.

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Please provide your name and case. The Detective Division is How do I obtain a copy of a Police report? Records Division at How do I obtain a driver's ?

The Torrance office is located at W. Further information can be obtained at the DMV website. ZIP: 90277 90501 90503 90505 90504 90507 90508 90509 90510

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