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Sluts near Arizona, USA

Show 40 post s from this thread on one of First Last Jump to :. Decided to take the plunge with Jas and thought I would share.

First of, she is the girl in the pics although her pics make her look more mature than she actually is. In reality she is very young and it shows when you meet her.

She's got one hell of a body. Curves in all the right places, but the session was very mechanical. Not GFE at all which I did not like. Overall decent session but would probably not repeat. If you would like more details PMe and I'll gladly answer.

Sluts near Arizona, USA

They were sharing the room so she was waiting in th bathroom during our session. Also the girl in the pics and also very young.

85351 85373 85372

I did not partake so cannot share experience but doubles were offered for a steep price. Thought I would share just in case anyone interested in taking the plunge and was wondering if she was real. She's using a insta model from California pictures.

Sluts near Arizona, USA

Would love to see both of them just skeptical. Those nipples are amazing! I had the good fortune to spend an hour with Debbie in her new, airconditioned room. Debbie is expert in the craft. As an older gent, I need special attention and she can give it. Her body is a slender example of what a good body should look and feel like.

We started with some snuggling, kissing DFK and went on to CG and K9 later and I was exhausted.

Sun City escort classified

I am not a "big" person, but her pussy was so tight that I could not get in without lube. I am looking forward to many repeats. Bill Ho. She did mention she had breast cancer and is modest and sensitive about her left breast other than that certainly worth a visit I will see her again.

I saw Eva some months ago in Tampa but haven't been able to find another excuse to go to the area and see her again.

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And fine Latinas are in short supply around here. So I asked Eva to come visit me in Jacksonville today and was very glad I did. She is sweet, sensual, a good conversationalist, and just an all-around great experience. She has a delightful Latina accent that I find really sexy.

She's no BBW but has ample breasts, a generous posterior, soft beautiful skin, and a lovely face with sparkling green eyes. And things just got even more delicious, and passionate, from there onward.

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Eva is one incredible lady! Or a link with pics?

Sluts near Arizona, USA

Visited awhile back. Maybe 6 mnth ago. Working on catching up with her again.

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Had a dream I visited with Lea in Brandon last week. Clean good smelling young lass. A bit on the talkative side. Took her time with a very sensual BBBJ? Covered up and did doggy which she really got into and mish. All activity on the couch.

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The only issue was I had to wait over 20 minutes and I think there was someone in the bedroom. Did not bother us but a little uncomfortable.

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She's legit and a fun visit. This is a new. My Tampa dudes. Please do yourself a favor and go, RUN to see this one.

Thu. Oct. 29

Here is my review I left on St Pete side. She is located over off Ulmerton in a very clean place. No smoke or anything like that. She smells like heaven scented soap. I feel kinda dumb saying this but she might be one of the most beautiful woman I have ever been with.

Sluts near Arizona, USA

I was caught off guard even after looking at the pics. Because you know how it is, you read a review look at pics only to be let down.

Sluts near Arizona, USA

Not this time I promise you. It felt like we were already friends just having a good time.

Sluts near Arizona, USA

In a dream I made love to her, kissed every single inch of her body, yes even her feet and Greece. Her perfectly tanned beach body had me wanted to literally eat her. I am not going to lie, she is the real deal and I would recommend seeing her now before something changes. Trust me when I tell you this one is too good to be true so see her while you can.

Mon. Jun. 7

When it was all over, I put my boxers on backwards I was so dazed. Do yourself a favor, if your not a douche-bag go see her you will not regret it. Seductive, sweet, absolutely gorgeous, drug-free are just a few positive attributes of this exceptional woman. Anything and everything you could possibly want while spending time with a beautiful woman is yours with Rachel; with the exception of BBFS naturally. To be honest, I'm actually reluctant to post this because I don't want someone to jade this absolutely lovely woman.

Sluts near Arizona, USA

And for the love of God, stop telling her she should be charging more LOL! According to her, she's only been doing this for two or three weeks so let's keep this beautiful woman around fellas. I inquired about back door entry and like most women, she said it depends probably on your size, vibe during your time with her, and of course probably a 50 upcharge.

Before you PM me, the answer is yes she will. But as always, YMMV. These two links are really her. All I meant was that they look 25 ish in pics but in person appear barely Did not mind either way. As for doubles I'll PM you the price I was offered. Fuck me, those tits. Could spen an hour on those nipples. Who is she? Did she do BBBJ?

Sluts near Arizona, USA

Get you some! Went back and forth with this on a few burner s. Looked for roses up front with no compromise, backed down on offering incall, shady shit. ZIP: 85351 85373 85372

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