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Well did you see her or not? I would like to see her but I am not sure! Haha not yet. I'm in the same situation.

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Not sure of the details to post here, but worth checking out. Not the absolute best ever, but nice. Sorry this post is late, but I caught up with Persia the other day before she left.

Douglas AZ escort classified

Her post said for the hh special, but I told her I saw the ad. No arguments and still treated me good. Not sure about the Dominican part of the ad, but she was very hot.

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About 5', lbs, nice natural C'sand an asstastic booty. Great CBJ, but she tried to cut it short to 4 min. Told her I wasn't ready yet, so she went for another five. Started off cowgirl, but if you saw her ad you want to enjoy her as much as possible from behind.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

I thought the Grand Canyon was the best sight in AZ. Great price, great service, and great attitude. She is on her way to NC, but she lives in Phoenix and promised to come back to the area. I wanted to try her, but some girl in Vegas uses the same picture. That always makes me nervous. Is that really her in the picture? I am pretty sure that the pics that show the face are not Persia.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

She wasn't as light-skinned, but the Vegas girl could just have easily taken the ass pic from someone else. All the same I would rate Persia as an 8 in both looks and service but the ass is a 9! I tried to see if she had any anywhere else with no luck.

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There was no funny business when I vistited her, so if she came back I would see her again. She had a partner but she was only a 6 so I wasn't interested in a trio. I haven't seen Danielle Dream around, any information on where she may be now? She left town along time ago. That a particular provider is probably not such a great choice is when they can't add. Don't you love it when she lists her rates as: for 30 and for I'd like two 30's please.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

This kind of thing goes on all the time. I'm just musing, don't mind me. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a report on a few of the ladies who are aggressively advertising on CL or BP lately. They look good to me Anyone have any info?

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The Nogales board is full of recommendations, but I guess nobody here needs one. I might.

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Any thoughts? Oh dear. Me oh my.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

Please tell me someone has the low down on this lovely lady. She is about 5'9" with her heels on. The wig was a pain in the ass; it was poorly secured and she kept reaching up to adjust it. Finally, I asked her to remove it. She looked a little stoned, but her performance was acceptable.

She had saggy breasts but covered that fact up by the mess top that she wore. Has anybody tried Kandie or Sweet T? I would like to know their experience.

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They advertize alot but no reviews or no posts. Ask someone to read the boards to you, and while you're at it ask them to go with you on the date. Red and Ms. T didnt get anymore of my buidness!

Sluts in Arizona, USA

Tried it once the review is on the Phx CL forum didn't repeat. About that time discovered Ms. T didn't get anymore of my buidness! But like you, I've tried Ms Red and she was a tall and slim with a smokin' hot body. Very nice, but just didn't have the snap that I was looking for. If I had to pick either one again, Ms Red would certainly get the nod.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

I really like the Latina ladies and am usually disappointed at myself when I settle for anything else. Wasn't getting stellar reviews from the myredbook. She has been working a lot in San Jose, CA for a few months.

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And that is certainly Sweet T and her reviews from myredbook are right-on Although I was able to finish what we started during our session, I wouldn't see her again at any price. Nor would I recommend her.

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I think Ms. Red's enthusiasm has gone down a notch or two. I could tell it was a bit on the wane, the last time I saw her. This escort looks like a long lost Nogi girl I used to know that went by the name Fantasia.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

She sure has gotten expensive since her Nogi days. I'd call her but I don't want her to have my .

Can anybody verify? It sucks that there's still no info on her. Although I've not seen her myself, if you google the in the ad you will see that it is used for several in several cities at the same time different names.

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This is usually not a good. My guess is that the girl you meet will not be the girl in the picture. There has been a favorable review posted on TER recently, however. Interestingly, the review indicates a latina girl while Kandie's all say caucasian.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

For whatever it's worth to you K4meHey, I've got so much stuff to post but I haven't had a chance. Let me just say this: I would not trust just a single review on TER. Review said photos were accurate. Not by a long shot which should have been obvious, but dare to dream, right?

Should have left right then. She's not at all GFE no kissing, everything coveredeven though the score was 9 if you don't do BBBJ you're not supposed to get above 7. On the second call, she asked if it was going to be for the half our or the hour.

I said hour. Imagine my surprise when she got me off 20 minutes into it and said that was it. Should have known better. I got so fucking pissed off.

Sluts in Arizona, USA

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