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Welcome to the forum Jazzy, Your prices sound like what we find in Nevada. Are you offering any early bird specials or discounts for new clients?

Singles in Alaska, USA

OtterIts actually for an hour hun. I have great reviews on Naughtynightlife. Its for an hour.

Singles in Alaska, USA

And I can offer you a half hour taste for but its no fs I only do fs on hour dates. But you can check out my reviews I would love to meet you. Hey guys its Me. Just wanted to let you know that I took over some oneincall and there will be no gurls running all over private and I am getting ready to remodel. Come see me Prices are the same.

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Yes I do. Thanks for the interest. We will be bathing in the jacuzzi and drinking champagne and would love for you to ! The gift is in place to cover the costs of hosting and is in no way part of an exchange of any service for compensation.

Already booked up for the 21st but still have very flexible availability on the 22nd! Who do I look like, Elliot Spitzer? I appreciate and sympathize with your sense of economy. On the other hand, after reading a couple of the many many s of reviews posted on TER, I must confess that my male curiosity is quite aroused.

I'll be able to afford an hour of Kristen's time this coming July. I've gotten all nighters in Vegas with super top reveiwed girls for less than that : Anyway Kristen you need some tips on where to stay and summer life up here, PM me. The price just keeps going up and up.

What else will? New to AK but didn't know the costs were so much more here than the lower Sounds a little steep.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Left click on user name and select 'find more posts by Don 43'. I call BS. You be the judge. I'm all for advertising, but faking reviews is totally unacceptable regardless of what section of the board they are posted. Be safe, be frugal, be educated - Magoo. Lynn is one of the best in the Anchorage area in my experience.

Fri. Oct 29

I have repeated with her and she is fantastic. She is enjoyable company and seems to like her work.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Her photos are accurate, 30ish, athletic, and sweet personality. You'll have fun. It is a pleasant pampering.

Singles in Alaska, USA

I am available for select sessions with easy-going, mature at least 40yo gentlemen, no couples, novices. Nice and clean massage studio with shower for your convenience. Also outcall to downtown area Hotels.

I have extended my visit and I'm available thru Friday, Feb 13th. Although I prefer incall, I am willing to consider outcall if you are staying in a hotel. Thank you to Anchorage gents for the warm, sexy hospitality. Because I only book a limited of appointments a day, not giving me notice to schedule another appt. Because I appreciate ongoing relationships and those who did keep their appointments, anyone who sees me on this trip will be grandfathered in on my regular rates.

Singles in Alaska, USA

I have to postpone my visit to AK. I will post the new dates when I know them, or you can PM me. I will be in AK in July.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Hope to have some great adventures and a few wild times as well My name is ERICA and you can be assured I am all you want need and more I have a very unique style and rare but proven skills. Hope ta see ya soon. Funny how your picture is the same exact picture on this "poster" Get lost, you fraud.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Good catch Jackson! You're checking six for all of us on this one.

eye-candy single Mariana

We need a lot more of this on the forums. Dude, That border is done by software like photo shop aint no fake, check out all things before you judge we will see how fake I am when I get there.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Ca as I have worked all over so anbody can do anything with the image and with that said I am done with it. We will see when I get there. Sweetie: Got references?

Got a web ? You can PM me if you want.

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EricaThis girl was in memphis dudes, and she is the real deal. Play safe up their.

This girl was in memphis dudes, and she is the real deal. OralThank You so much Oral, I am glad to see someone with some active grey matter.

Classified escort Anchorage

It seems the men in AK have been "tricked" for lack of a better word LOL by those fakes who un fortunetly post for whatever reason. Well I can't wait to see the jaws drop when I step foot up there. And Gentlemen it is a once in a life time.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Well AK see ya soon. I will do my best to be safe up there, Not a very good reception so far though, eeeek!

Singles in Alaska, USA

The pictures are real. Your credibility is shot.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Give it a rest. Thank You so much Oral, I am glad to see someone with some active grey matter. Add 20 to ignore list. I sent you a pm as well and a response to comment.

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Dont be upset because a class act is commin to AK and you wont be able to afford it because you got only I am taking my leave of you And I wont be responding any further to you're madness but it really bothers me when some one wants to be noticed so bad they try to do it at anothers expense. Take that 20 and buy you some "real" pics real ones you you like and look at them.

Sat. Oct 30

Don't look at mine and they are mine. I call BS - ours is a peaceful mongering hide-a-way with no arguments amongst us - just information sharing.

Now that you've flamed yourself get off this forum and take your baggage elsewhere. I doubt anyone here would want to pay you for your time based on the bad attitude you project. I'll post a report if I do and depending on how much she's charging. Ok, when I read your last part, i nearly spit my coffee all over my monitor and keyboard Holy hell! Sorry, but if I could afford money like that, porn star or no, I'd want a whole weekend min.

Singles in Alaska, USA

Stay Safe. I may after payday. I spoke to her and she sounds real cute. Some red flags Bet her pics are accurate, but sounds to me like we have one of these chicks that basically look great and are mechanofuckbabes. I'll pass even though she looks good.

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Thanks for the update, Frank. Not a rich sloper! Guess I'll stick to the AMP's or some of my normal fav's. I did ping Veronica another blonde who just started postingso I'll throw out the on that for those of you wondering May just stick with April or Donna in the Valley.

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I'll let you all know. Finally got some time off, and decided to go out to the valley and spend a little quality time with April. ZIP: 99518 99515 99517 99516 99513 99540 99567 99587 99508 99506 99507 99504 99505 99502 99503 99501 99577 99509 99511 99514 99520 99521 99522 99523 99524 99529 99530 99599

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